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D-Day History Stein - version: sand

4th stein of the series with pewter medal "D-Day" and ornamental pewter lid with desert sand. Limited Edition 5,000 pieces.

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4th stein of the series. The body of the stein is a smooth, black glazed, high quality stoneware decorated with a platinum wrap around design. Crafted in tribute to those who fought on June 6, 1944 this stein details the participation of the Allied countries that invaded the coast of Normandy that day. Along the top border are the words, IN MEMORY & HONOR OF ALL WHO FOUGHT FOR FREEDOM, DEMOCRACY, & THE LIBERATION OF EUROPE. Spanning the center of the stein is a map of the coast of Normandy complete with drop-zones, beachfronts and landing points from the detailed information given on the left and right side of the stein. A pewter medallion is situated at the center of the wrap around decoration featuring part of the Normandy coast design along with the text, D-Day June 6th 1944. Below the medallion on the body of the stein is a sketch of troops making their way through the water to the coast. Above the medallion are the words, All Gave Some...Some Gave All. The ornamental pewter lid filled with sand supports a combat helmet resting on the flag of the United States of America and the pewter thumblift is a figurine of a soldier. Limited Edition of 5,000 pieces worldwide.