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U.S. Tank History Stein

8th stein of the series with pewter badge "OLD IRONSIDES". Limited Edition 5,000 pieces.

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8th stein of the series. This stein was created to honor those who are serving and have served in the U.S. Armored Forces; their patriotism, discipline and self-sacrifice has not gone unnoticed. The body of the stein is a smooth, black glazed, high quality stoneware decorated with a platinum wrap around design. Along the top border of the stein are the words, THE HISTORY OF THE U.S. ARMORED FORCES. The left side of the platinum design features a timeline detailing significant events in the history and creation of the U.S. Armored Forces, beginning with the year 1916 when General Pershing first used tractors on an expedition. Images of different armored vehicle designs from 1917 to 1944 adorn the left side as well. The right side of the stein features additional images of armored vehicle designs from 1951-1993s. The timeline from the left side continues on the right, beginning with events in 1945 and ending with present day. A pewter medallion replica of the U.S. Armored Forces insignia is attached opposite the handle of the stein. The design is based on the triangular coat-of-arms of the American WWII Tank Corps. Inside the triangle is a modified version of the insignia of the former Seventh Cavalry Brigade (Mechanized), the predecessors of the Old Ironsides. Different textures in the three sections of the triangle replace the bright colors of the insignia. Along the bottom in bold letters are the words U.S. ARMORED. Rows of raised stars decorate the ornamental pewter lid and fixed to the top is an intricately detailed pewter figurine of the Abraham tank (1942). A pewter version of the U.S. eagle crest serves as the thumblift for this noble stein. Limited edition of 5,000 individually numbered pieces.